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Dissolve fears, deepen knowledge, and design your desired experience through 1-on-1 coaching with Alexcie.


Sadly, 1 in 3 women report traumatic birthing experiences, frequently stemming from fears surrounding self-advocacy, misaligned expectations, insufficient support, knowledge barriers, and persistent ‘what-ifs’.

While free online birth courses provide insights and ease some concerns, they often leave lingering fears and anxieties.

This is where the personalized support of 1-on-1 coaching is invaluable. 

We work together to identify and dissolve those fears, equipping you with tools to make informed decisions, ensuring empowerment for you and your baby and ultimately creating your desired birth.


 Whether you’re contemplating pregnancy, already expecting, or navigating postpartum, my coaching is meticulously designed to meet your unique needs, ensuring personalized, whole-being support every step of the way.

I want to…


My Pre-Pregnancy Prep offers a compassionate and supportive space designed for women considering motherhood, navigating fears, or healing from past traumas such as pregnancy loss.

Together, we address concerns, provide education, and foster emotional well-being, ensuring you feel empowered, confident, and ready for the beautiful chapter ahead.

What we'll explore:
  • Your Why: Whether contemplating the path to pregnancy or actively working towards it, we’ll explore the core reasons behind your decisions, setting the foundation for a confident and informed pre-pregnancy journey.
  • Your Mindset: Delving into your mental and emotional landscape, we’ll address any apprehensions or concerns head-on, fostering a positive preconception mindset and creating a supportive environment.
  • Your Whole-Self: Nurturing every aspect of your well-being—from nutrition, to movement, to mindfulness—we’ll ensure that your entire self is ready and thriving as you prepare for the exciting chapter of conception and pregnancy.

    This Program Is For You If…

    • You question your readiness for parenthood.
    • You’ve faced past losses and carry the fear of conceiving due to the pain of previous miscarriages.
    • You’re exploring whether motherhood aligns with your life path.
    • You feel uncertain about being prepared for the journey of having a child.
    I want to…


    My Empowered Pregnancy program is crafted to guide pregnant women in nurturing their mind, body, and soul for the transformative experience ahead.

    Whether it’s your first pregnancy or 4th, we prioritize addressing and overcoming fears. We focus on holistic preparation, fostering confidence, resilience, and joy on your unique journey to motherhood.

    What we'll explore...
    • Your Why: Whether deciding on a home birth or opting for a hospital setting, we’ll explore the profound motivations guiding your choices. Our aim is to cultivate a holistic understanding, allowing you to embrace your decisions with unwavering confidence and a deep sense of alignment with your overall well-being.

    • Your Knowledge: Empower yourself with knowledge! Fear often stems from the unknown. The more you understand your body’s capabilities and the birthing process, the more confidence you gain in embracing your innate superpowers.
    • Your Whole-Self: Recognizing the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, we’ll nurture every dimension of your existence—exploring your state of mind, past experiences, nutrition choices, movement patterns and sleep habits—meticulously preparing your entire self for the birthing experience you’ve envisioned.

    • Postpartum Prep: Postpartum is a dedicated time for nurturing, not only for your baby but also yourself. We will ensure you have the support, resources, and confidence to thrive during your upcoming postpartum journey.

    This Program Is For You If…

    •  You’re a first-time expectant mother seeking guidance on what to expect and how to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically.
    • You’ve experienced past traumatic birth experiences and are looking for support, education, and a positive mindset shift for this current pregnancy. 
    • You experience high levels of anxiety or fear about childbirth, desiring 1-on-1 support that focuses on alleviating these concerns and promoting a positive mindset. 
    • You value a holistic approach to pregnancy, including education on nutrition, mindfulness, and natural birthing techniques for comprehensive preparation. 
    • You want to be empowered in making informed decisions during birth. 
    I want…


    Postpartum is a time for nurturing, not just your baby, but yourself as well. This support is tailored to the mama that is struggling to manage it all, and you shouldn’t have to! We’ll work together to ensure you have the resources you need to not just survive, but thrive through this transition. 

    What we'll explore:
    • Your Current State: Whether you welcomed your baby into the world yesterday or a year ago, our focus is on embracing where you currently are in this motherhood journey. Together, we’ll craft a personalized plan that aligns with your aspirations for where you want to be in this moment and beyond.

    • Your Whole-Self: Nurturing every facet of your well-being—covering nutrition, sleep, movement, and mindfulness—we are committed to caring for your entire self during this precious time for both you and your baby.

    • Your Resources: We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of you and your baby’s current well-being across various dimensions—feeding, sleeping, movement, and your physical and emotional health. Subsequently, we’ll work together to ensure you have the essential resources and support to optimize any areas that may need attention. 

    This program is for you if…

    • Managing the multitude of responsibilities feels overwhelming, and you’re struggling to find balance in handling it all.

    • Breastfeeding, sleep, and the myriad of new challenges that come with motherhood are proving to be difficult, and you’re seeking support in navigating these aspects.

    • You’re feeling disconnected from your pre-pregnancy self, grappling with the challenge of reconciling who you once were with the person you’ve become.
    • Juggling the emotional demands of caring for multiple children alongside a newborn is posing challenges, and you’re in need of guidance to navigate these complex dynamics.


    After experiencing the transformative magic of homebirth following two previous miscarriages, Alexcie found her calling within her holistic coaching practice.

    Transitioning from an Emergency Department nurse to a Board-Certified Holistic Nurse Coach, Alexcie brings unparalleled expertise to help individuals foster resilience in the most challenging situations. Birth, often seen as an intense and high-pressure moment, becomes Alexcie’s canvas for transformation. 

    Armed with unique training, a toolkit of empowering resources, and a wealth of personal experiences, Alexcie is dedicated to shifting the narrative from fear to acceptance, truth, and love as you craft the birth and motherhood journey you desire.